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A little bit about us.

Wrapsta is a small family owned business, wife & husband to be more precise. No we are not a franchise, it is our own little brand which we hope to make it BIG one day! It was a dream project of ours and took us over 7 years from initial thought of conception to making it into a reality.

We both shared same vision, yes for once at least!(pun intended), to eat fresh and healthy food without compromising the flavours and taste. We always felt eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or bland. So having background in hospitality and travel, we set on a mission to find answer to our quest, we worked along variety of chefs, food critics, hoteliers, bloggers, etc., around the world and created our own palette of hand picked flavours, keeping healthy and conscious eating at the heart of it.

In our ingredients, we decided to use roasted chicken, with flavourings from finest olive oils and herbs, our lamb meatballs are boiled and cheese is grilled, vegetables are sauté cooked. Using thinner wraps so you eat more of the healthy ingredients rather than chunks of bread which you get in sandwiches, baguettes or paninis. We created our menu to be transparent and gave you the control of what you get in your meal, all our menu options can be created to your preference. You can have it spicy, tangy, mild, cheesy, plain, however you wish! and that too in very quick time, what is the fun of having all the goodness and waiting too long to get your hands onto. We make all our food fresh and prepare the dishes in front of you, there is no behind the scene sorcery we do.

We hope you like what we are doing and keep giving us the opportunity to serve you again and again!


Our 5 core values:

Transparency: You should know what you are eating

Versatility: Offering choices for as many as possible, be it Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, etc.

Environmental Care: Using recyclable/compost-able materials for food service, packing & storage.

Integrity: Never knowingly serve or sell anything not fit for purpose.

Serve with care: Always serving with a smile without rushing


Our Environmental commitment:

We know we are a small business but that gives us no excuse to not care for the environment however little impact we may have.

We have committed ourselves to use recyclable/compostable materials for our food service and packing. Using minimalist printed branding.

Using renewable and natural products wherever available.

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